The Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Asian Hooded Eyes

Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Asian Eyes MOXIELASH MAGNETIC EYELASHES 2018 Thanks again to @TesiaBeau for this great “How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes” video and tutorial. MOXIELASH Magnetic Eye lashes work for any eye shape. Check out our website today for more great tips on how to use our high quality magnetic lashes and makeup.

Best Way to Apply Magnetic Lashes – MOXIELASH Tutorial video


The Best Way to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes MOXIELASH magnetic eye lash Applicator PREPARE YOUR MAGNETIC EYELASHES: Your applicator is the perfect lash curler. Use it to curl lashes before you adhere. PLEASE NOTE: The MoxieLash applicator comes with a rubber piece. This rubber piece is NOT necessary for your lash application. It may be used for curling your lashes. You should remove the rubber piece so the magnets can easily magnetize to metal on the applicator. Magnetic lashes work best when used in conjunction with Mascara & Eyeliner. Apply 15 minutes prior to adhering your Magnetic lashes to make sure that your mascara is dry. The amount of mascara that you need to apply depends heavily on the length and thickness of your lashes. It may take practice & testing to determine how much of a base is necessary. Also, remember to bend magnetic lashes for the perfect curve around your real lash. This can be done by wrapping the lash around a pen or by gently running your finger nail through the lash band.