Best Bathing Suit Padding Epiphany LA – Before and After Video

Best Bathing Suit Padding Epiphany LA – Before and After Video


Best Bathing Suit Padding Insert Epiphany LA

Epiphany LA specializes in natural looking padding inserts for swimwear and sports bras. Our unique design is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Epiphany LA’s founder conceptualized the idea after struggling to find a padding insert that provided significant push-up and lift while looking natural. Many padding inserts came in lumped cups sizes such A/B and C/D so it was difficult to find a padding insert that fit properly. Realizing that there was a hole in the market, Epiphany LA was created.

After months of design modifications and revisions, the perfect insert was created. This design comes in four different cup sizes (A, B, C, and D) and the cup provides significant push-up while increasing you by a complete cup size! The edges of the cups are thin and tapper off so the cup seamlessly blends into your top or swimsuit. The inner chamber of the cup has thick hearts that are strategically placed to push everything up and towards the middle so you look lifted and voluptuous. Make sure the hearts are positioned underneath and on the outside portion of your breasts. The idea is to have the most padded portion of the insert lifting you up and pushing your breasts together.

The enhancers are made of breathable foam material so they are lightweight and easy to wash and reuse. They can be slipped into any top to fill out your shape or provide support. To use the inserts in a top with a pocket, simply roll them into a tube-shape and unfold once in the top’s pocket. If your top does not have a pocket, you can cut a small slit on the inside lining of your top and slide the enhancer in there.

Every woman is unique and we believe that shapewear should be too. We made our inserts available in four different cup sizes so you can have the perfect fit. Our hope is that every woman who wears our inserts finds a newfound confidence. We experienced an epiphany after using this product and we hope you do too.

We would love to hear your stories and see how amazing you look with our enhancing inserts. Tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #MyEpiphanyLA




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